Vinx 01/10/2015: 8 p.m. VINX

2 Sets: 8 p.m & 10 p.m.
$20 pp music charge  $7 pp minimum

“Alternately described as jazz, world music and soul, Vinx’s music is a uniquely compelling blend of rich vocal melodies and harmonies supported and propelled by sophisticatedly primal hand percussion that connects with audiences the world over.” ~ Drumhead Magazine

VINX is undoubtedly one of the most gifted improvisational vocalists performing today.  With style that ranges from jazz to funk, bossa nova to blues and back again, audiences are hooked from the start.  The combination of soaring vocals, intricate layered melodies and grooves, and that primal hand drum holding it all together makes VINX a stand out among worldclass vocalists. 
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sandy gabriel 1 11/23/2014: Sandy Gabriel Quartet

2 sets:  7:30 p.m. & 9:15 p.m.
$10 pp music charge  $7 pp minimum

Sandy Gabriel: Sax. Wesley Reynoso: Keyboard. Bamban Rodriguez: Bass.

Joel Guzman: Percussion

Music Producer, Composer, Arranger,
Saxophonist, National Award Winner Jazz
Music 2003 line, a unique place at the request
of the jury in the competition for home
theater music.
Casandra Awards WINNER 2012 ‘best concert
of the year ”
He began his musical studies at age 14 with
his father, saxophonist Dominican Socrates
Gabriel, director of the famous merengue
band The Combo Candela, representing the
Cibao in the 70s. Read more about this artist