Vinx 01/10/2015: 8 p.m. VINX

2 Sets: 8 p.m & 10 p.m.
$20 pp music charge  $12 pp minimum

“Alternately described as jazz, world music and soul, Vinx’s music is a uniquely compelling blend of rich vocal melodies and harmonies supported and propelled by sophisticatedly primal hand percussion that connects with audiences the world over.” ~ Drumhead Magazine Read more about this artist

11/27/2014: Happy Thanksgiving

Closed for Thanksgiving

  Happy Thanksgiving

Wishes for a Peaceful and Happy Thanksgiving 
from the Trumpets’ Family to you and your dear ones.
We give thanks for the opportunity to continue to share the music of so many unique, talented musicians with you, our loyal fans, and thank you for your continued patronage.

Oliver Lake 11/28/2014: Oliver Lake Quartet

2 sets  8 p.m. & 10 p.m.
$15 pp music charge  $12 pp minimum

Oliver Lake:”It’s all about choices,” states modern Renaissance Man Oliver Lake to explain his expansive artistic vision. An accomplished poet, painter and performance artist, Lake has published a book of poetry entitled Life Dance, has exhibited and sold a number of his unique painted-sticks at the Montclair Art Museum, and has toured the country with his one-man performance piece, Matador of 1st and 1st. But it’s his extraordinary talents as composer, saxophonist, flautist and bandleader that have brought him world-renown. Read more about this artist

Hernan Romero 11/29/2014: Hernan Romero, flamenco guitar

2 sets:  8 p.m. & 10 p.m.
$15 pp music charge  $12 pp minimum

Hernan Romero- flamenco guitar & vocals
& Friends (cajon & bass)

Spiced with the exotic traditions that infuse flamenco-gypsy, Middle Eastern, and Mediterranean folk interwoven with textures of classical, jazz, and Latin rhythms, composer and guitarist Hernan Romero’s music is both sophisticated and accessible. It is sensuous, passionate, romantic and inescapably infectious.  His style is inspired by the music of his family from his earliest memory. “It’s powerful; flamenco is very strong, and has its influence from the Middle East,” says Romero.  Read more about this artist

ron aprea 11/30/2014: Ron Aprea Big Band featuring Angela DeNiro on vocals

2 sets:  7:00 p.m. & 8:30 p.m.
$10 pp music charge $7 pp minimum

Trumpets loves to feature Big Bands on its regular schedule.  Our big bands usually feature stellar performers who have performed here as leaders of their own combos. When we first featured Ron Aprea with his quintet, we had no idea that he had so many charts of the music from the Count Basie Band that were arranged by some of the most outstanding arrangers in the history of jazz.  Ron, himself, is an outstanding arranger, saxophonist, composer,  teacher, and producer. We invited Read more about this artist