Adriana Miki

Originally from S?o Paulo, now living in Lisbon, Portugal, singer Adriana Miki, at a very young age, found herself irresistibly drawn to music. ?Music has been part of my soul since before I could walk, ?Adriana recalls. ?As a child playing under the stairs it would be all around me, adding tone and color to my world, making my heart beat faster. Time passed and I grew up. During my whole life I had music as part of every moment, in my happiness, my fears, my passions, my solitude. And I sang. But it was always just for me.?

If singing came naturally to Adriana, performing did not. ?I think deep down I had a fear of the powerful emotion that singing stirred in me,? she continues. ?It would take hold of me and give me the strength to overcome any sadness. And so I continued like this for a long time, singing for myself. I crossed oceans and eventually couldn?t run any longer from that which I truly desired, couldn?t deny any longer that which I truly am. And so I decided to express myself, singing all that is inside of me.? You cannot help feeling that Adriana is one artist who sings from the heart and bares her soul. And you won?t be able to resist going back time and again for more of her pure emotion, deep insight, and glorious music
Bob Bernotas, New York, February 2008