Assiyah Bardo (vocalist)

Street savvy and sophisticated, Asiyah Bardo is an American R&B singer, composer and dancer who has the ingredients to become a stage legend. With a life story as tragic as Billy Holiday and with the fighting spirit of Muhammad Ali her idol, she breaks all stereotypes of what you will see and hear. This dynamic soprano has reinvented R&B with a surprising twist that is sure to knock audiences off their feet.
Influenced by such luminaries as Michael Jackson, Prince, Phyllis Hyman, The Clark Sisters, Steven Tyler and The Rolling Stones among others; “Asiyah” rightfully claims a spotlight of her own. Asiyah is as comfortable belting out standards as she is with Pop and the classics having grown up singing gospel and being well versed in classical and modern jazz as well as R&B. She has an unmistakable signature style that cleverly turns a classic into something you have never heard before.
Asiyah has a loyal following throughout the USA, Europe and the Caribbean and her upcoming venue at Trumpets has the promise to unleash a revolution in the music industry. She will take you on a journey into the unknown.
Supporters and fans see her as “one of the most powerful, mesmerizing and inspiring performers seen in a decade an artist that takes you for a totally unexpected roller coaster ride her music is compelling – her stage presence ethereal, provocative, majestic leaving you wanting more.