Bennet Paster Group

?Paster’s hands have an infectious percussive exuberance.?
(Dan McClenaghan , March, 2005)
Brooklyn-based composer and keyboardist Bennett Paster presents a new quartet performing his most recent compositions balanced with interesting arrangements of tunes from the standard repertoire. Paster’s originals weave his roots in jazz, Latin and pop into melodic and grooving tunes that catch the ear. Unlike so many young jazzers in town who seem more interested in proving their deftness than playing together, these guys refreshingly embrace the pulse like an old friend and conversationally build a musical whole that’s greater than the sum of it’s parts. Expect to tap your feet, smile and enjoy the good feeling- that’s what these guys are all about.
Bennett Paster-piano, compositions
Tim Armacost- tenor sax
Gregory Ryan- bass
Tim Bulkley- drums