Billy VerPlanck

J. Billy VerPlanck
.Known as Billy throughout the music world, he was born in Norwalk Ct. in
1930 He began his musical career at age fifteen playing trombone with the
Jess Stacey Band.  He went on to play and write arrangements for all the big
bands (Charlie Spivak, Claude Thornhill, Jimmy Dorsey, Charlie Barnet), of
his generation, culminating his road days with his idol, Tommy Dorsey.  For
the next forty years he was one of the busiest studio arrangers and
conductors in New York,  writing every thing from jingles, films,
documentaries, record dates, as well as  producing 20 cd’s for his wife,
Marlene VerPlanck.  His passion for music was all consuming and he never
wrote an indifferent note in his life.
Among his other interests he loved life, traveling the world with his wife,
enjoying great food and wine,  the New York Mets, his country  and  his
fellow man.  He was a diehard advocate of free enterprise and tried to
convert anyone who would listen to his beliefs.  Details of Billy’s career
can be found  at:
< >   Click on Billy’s page.
Billy passed away in Hackensack Hospital on Tuesday, June 2, 2009.