Bob Baldwin hosts a CD listening party

Bob Baldwin is hosting a listening party with a Q&A session “ 2 / Re-Vibe”, featuring Glenn Jones, Ragan Whiteside, Darren Rahn, Joey Sommerville, Eric Essix, Barry Danielian, Freddy V., and Chip Shearin.
“Re-Vibe” debuted #14 on the Billboard Jazz Chart
The Q & A will include discussions about his upcoming book “You Better Ask Somebody / It’s the Friggin’ Music Business”, which will be released this fall.
Admission is $13.00 and includes a free CD
$10 without CD
“There are literally no surprises in a disc that tells you what to expect the second you hit play. If “New Urban Jazz” is your thing then this is a must. My feeling is that the cross over potential on this release is huge!”
– Digital Jazz News –