David “Pic” Conley

Multi-instrumentalist David ?Pic? Conley, founding member of popular recording group Surface, was instrumental in the group?s 1 R&B hits ?Shower Me With Your Love? and ?Only You Can Make Me Happy.? He is also known for his superlative flute solos, lusty vocals, and impeccable production masterpieces. This has made him a logical choice for state-of-the-art studio recordings: From Victoria Beckham and (Spice Girls) Damon Dash to Blackstreet, the Institute Of Audio Research alumnus has amassed a daunting list of producer credits, which encompasses nearly every nomenclature. Other names David has worked with are Burt Bacharach, Aretha Franklin, Isaac Hayes, Melba Moore, Stanley Jordan, and George Benson, as a sampling. It was in 1977, after contributing to the group Mandrill?s album New World and after performing on Soul Train for the first time that David first came to the attention of the general public. From that point forward his star has risen to heights he could?ve only imagined a few years earlier. As a child, David listened to various genres and was heavily influence by his hero and Motown crooner Marvin Gaye. Also discernable in David?s seductive style are the influences of flutists Hubert Laws and Carlos Wilson of Mandrill. Months after releasing their first single ?Let?s Try Again (1986),? Surface released ?Only You Can Make Me Happy,? a lucid tune with passionate lyrics, which soared to 1 on the R&B charts. These were tracks from the Surface, which sold more than 500,000 copies. And a year later, David produced the album Are You Tough Enough for singer Rebbie Jackson. In 1989, following their first album, David and the group released platinum release Second Wave, which contains four singles, including ?I Miss,? ?Closer Than Friends,? ?You Are My Everything? featuring Regina Belle, and the chart-topper ?Shower Me With Your Love.? During that same year he produced the 1 single ?Don?t Take It Personal? for the popular Jermain Jackson. This project proved to be the perfect follow-up and whetted fan appetite for other Conley-produced recordings. Perhaps the trio?s greatest solo success was the album ?3 Deep.? This project boasted the track ?The First Time,? which topped the charts on R&B, pop, and AC, as fans purchased more 500,000 units. It would take many pages to list all of the well-known artists whom David has worked with or who?ve recorded his music. David?s dynamic musicianship is captured on their 1991 Columbia Records release The Best Surface: A Nice Time For Loving. The single on the album, ?A Nice Time For Loving,? definitively underscores the musicianship of fellow Surface members David Townsend and Bernard Jackson. David?s last studio recording with the Surface was The Best First Time: The Best Of Surface. In 2008, we?re anticipating the release of Bird Of Paradise, the latest creation from David and the No Rulz Band, featuring Hubert Laws, Nelson Rangel, Bernard Jackson, Paul Jackson Jr., and the sultry vocals of Levi of Blackstreet. Before major distribution, this project will be available online I-Tunes and other Internet retail outlets. From his first single as a member of Surface and under the direction of Larkin Arnold till now, David ?Pic? Conley continues to compose, produce and market many of his own projects. What we see looming over the horizon is only the beginning of an inexhaustible reservoir of superb productions. Phil Brown ALBUMS: 1987: Surface (Columbia) – US 55, R&B 11 1989: 2nd Wave (Columbia) – US 56, R&B 5 1990: 3 Deep (Columbia) – US 65, R&B 19 1991: The Best Surface: A Nice Time for Loving (Columbia) 2001: The First Time: The Best of Surface (Sony) SINGLES: 1983: “Falling in Love” – R&B 84 1984: “When Your Ex Wants You Back” 1986: “Let’s Try Again” – R&B 22 1987: “Happy” – US 20, R&B 2 1987: “Lately” – R&B 8 1988: “I Missed” – R&B 3 1989: “Can We Spend Some Time” – R&B 5 1989: “Closer Than Friends” – R&B 57, R&B 1 1989: “Shower Me With Your Love” – US 5, R&B 1 1989: “You Are My Everything” – US 84, R&B 1 1990: “The First Time” – US 1, R&B 1 1991: “All I Want Is You” – R&B 8 1991: “Never Gonna Let You Down” – US 17, R&B 24 1991: “You’re the One/We Don’t Have to Say Good-bye” – R&B 35 1992: “A Nice Time for Lovin'” – R&B 52 it