Denise Reis

Singer, guitarist and composer Denise Reis was born in Belo
Horizonte, the capitol of the state of Minas Gerais (the second
largest state by population, and the fourth largest by area) in
southeastern Brazil.
Denise began studying guitar at age 10 and attended Julia Pardini?s
Choral Association. Only four years later, she was invited to take part in a European tour (1986). As her musical career progressed,
she found widespread acceptance and support from the

Brazilian people and media. This early success was due to her
distinctively beautiful singing and her diverse musicality and skill
as a performer: Denise is a delight to hear and see on stage.
Her unique performance style includes a remarkable ability to
imitate the sound of the trumpet using only her lips and voice!
She does this so impeccably, you will think there is trumpet
player hiding off-stage. Denise is a performer of singular quality
and entertainment value.
Her latest album, Alf