Ernie Edwards (piano) Trio , Jacob Webb: Bass, Joe Rizzolo: Drums,

Known for their jazz programming of regional and national jazz artists, Trumpets will be bring the Ernie Edwards Jazz Trio to it?s world class stage on Sunday December 20, 2009 for two shows. Edwards, a visually challenged pianist and composer, has been a Newark resident for most of his life. He has performed in a number of venues over the last several years as a solo musician with occasional group performances with other locally based musicians. Edwards does not stop at just playing jazz. He is quick to say that he likes all kinds of music and he usually adds a taste of different styles in his performances. You might hear a classical tune, a Michael Jackson tune or even a gospel tune at any given time.
Recently, Edwards has teamed up with some great energetic and talented musicians that have greatly enhanced his musical career. With the help and support of Vision Ventures, L.L.C, Edwards has been able to recruit the talents of Jacob Webb as his bassist and brother Nathan Webb as his drummer. Jacob and Nathan are natives of Newton Kansas and are both college students. Both are impressive performers and professional in every way. Because of other obligations, Nathan will not be available so, West Caldwell resident and college student. Joseph (Joe) Rizzolo will be in the drummer?s seat. Joe is another very talented and up and coming musician who has performed with Edwards at Pianos.
Ernie currently performs monthly at Pianos Bar and Grill in Bloomfield NJ (check their website for dates (
When you hear Edwards start swingin? with his version of some of the best known jazz standards, you would think you were listening to some of the all time greats such as Shearing, Garner, Peterson, Basie, Ellington and countless others.
“I?m excited and truly blessed to have this opportunity to perform at Trumpets with my Trio” says Edwards.
No doubt you will be in for a real treat.