Fabio Morgera

Trumpeter/producer Fabio Morgera ‘s first album release was Take One (Red Records) in 1988. Hailing from Naples and since 1990 a New York City resident, Morgera recorded several notable collections in the 1990s and 2000s. As a leader Slick (Red Records, 1999) and Colors (Red Records, 2002); as a sideman J.D. Allen’s In Search Of (Red Records, 1999); and with the Red Stars collective Red Stars (Red Records, 2004). Morgera also produced In Search Of and Pablo Bobrowicky’s New York Connections (Red Records, 2005).
Morgera has methodically and thoughtfully built a solid jazz career that has led to Neapolitan Heart, his most cosmopolitan recording. He draws from his native Italy those elements that often infuse the Latin tinge. Strite and complex percussion, descending stair arpeggios and humid dance rhythms populate the faster pieces, while Morgera’s plaintive flugelhorn and Rafalides’ vibraphone all but consort on the ballads (the closing “Luntane” is a good example).
Morgera’s focus is tight and clear on Neapolitan Heart, and the album is enhanced by his considerable production talent and his wispy melodic sense.
C. Michael Bailey
Fabio Morgera: trumpet and flugelhorn
Jason Jackson; trombone
Craig Hartley: piano
Gregg August: bass
Jeremy “Bean” Clemons: drums
playing music from Fabio’s latest release “Neapolitan Heart” and more