Fundraiser for Obstretical Fistula Foundation

Please join us on Monday, Feb. 7th at 6:30 pm at Trumpets jazz club, 6 depot square off of Valley road), Montclair, NJ 973-744-2600 for a fundraiser to help women in Ethiopia who need surgery. Read press release and attachments for more info. 2 professional development hours will be given for this program. $20 donation covers a buffet of 3 pastas, salad, rolls, desserts, coffee & a glass of wine… there will be a film on the topic and live jazz. Enjoy yourself while helping a good cause. Three members of our West Orange faculty are on the committee to raise funds: Nancy Feldman, Mayda Kale and Kristine Massari. You can rsvp to one of us or show up. Please tell your friends. We?ll open a bit earlier, in case some of you are coming from school.
Press release: For immediate release
Event Date: Monday, February 7, 2011 6:30 p.m.
Re: Fundraiser for Ethiopian Women suffering from Obstetrical Fistula
Contact person: Kristine Massari
Cell phone: 973-444-0357
Several New Jersey residents have formed a committee that has planned two fundraisers to raise money for Ethiopian women in need of an obstetrical fistula surgical repair. The cost of the surgery is $450.00 per woman. The goal of the committee is to help 25 women receive the medical care needed to restore each of their lives through The FISTULA FOUNDATION, a non-profit national organization located in California. The public is invited to learn about this devastating childbirth disability and to contribute to helping to restore health and dignity to 25 women at the February 7th and April 4th events that will be held in Montclair.
Trumpets Jazz Club has organized an event on February 7th at 6:30 p.m. to support the efforts of the committee. Trumpets will serve a buffet of pasta, salad, rolls & butter, coffee & dessert for a $20 donation. A glass of wine is included. The staff of Trumpets will donate their time and services to this cause. The evening includes a viewing of the inspirational film, A Walk to Beautiful. The event at Trumpets will raise money to help meet expenses for the April 4, 2011 ?Spring Gala Event? at Mesob Restaurant. The committee is striving to raise enough money to ensure surgery for 25 women in Ethiopia. The funding will be distributed to a clinic in Ethiopia through The FISTULA FOUNDATION.
Committee chairperson, Nancy Feldman, a R.N. employed at West Orange High School, who is a Montclair resident, first became interested in helping the plight of women who suffer from obstetrical fistula after having attended a seminar on the topic at Montclair State University. Members of the committee include Angela Cherami, Tekeste Ghebremicael, Asmeret Ghebremicael, Mayda Kale, Tezeta Roro, Councilman John Sowell and business owners, Kristine Massari of Trumpets Jazz Club, and Berekti Mengistu of Mesob.
The Spring Gala will take place on Monday, April 4th at Mesob Restaurant, renowned for its Ethiopian cuisine. Tickets for the gala are priced at $100 per person, 100% of which will be a fully tax-deductible contribution. Tickets for the gala will be available for purchase at both Mesob Restaurant and Trumpets or by emailing Nancy Feldman at
Tickets for the Monday, February 7th event can be reserved by calling Trumpets at 973-744-2600 or by sending an email to
Obstetric Fistula is the most devastating of all childbirth injuries ? an internal injury caused generally by days of unrelieved obstructed labor. Without timely intervention ? such as a c-section ? to relieve the pressure of the baby?s head against the mother?s pelvis, tissue dies and the woman is left incontinent.
?Just about the worst thing that can happen to a teenage girl in this world is to develop an obstetric fistula that leaves her trickling bodily wastes, stinking and shunned by everyone around her.?
— Nicholas D. Kristof, Pulitzer Prize Winner, New York Times Columnist
Afghanistan  Angola  Bangladesh  Cameroon  Congo  Ethiopia  Kenya  Niger  Nigeria  Senegal  Somaliland
In the world?s poorest countries and most rural areas, mothers today are still delivering babies without medical help. A woman enduring prolonged, unrelieved obstructed labor nearly always loses her baby. If she survives, she?s often subjected to yet another horror ? the internal injury known as an obstetric fistula. She faces an existence that few of us could bear. Uncontrollably leaking urine and wastes, she will likely be deserted by her husband and shunned by her community. And yet she has the will to continue living.
More than 2 million women worldwide are currently living in this way, with a fistula. The international community is currently capable of treating and healing fewer than 10,000 of these women each year.
Imagine restoring thousands of lives. We have. And we do. Staggering numbers of women and girls are still waiting. The Fistula Foundation has not forgotten them. We are dedicated to changing the world, one woman at a time.