Grupo Yuri

Grupo Yuri is a six piece musical group performing an array of diverse styles from World Beat, Latin and Jazz flavors. The group is led by violinist Yuri Turchyn whose compositions are featured by the excellent musicianship of the band.

The band has performed at jazz festivals throughout New Jersey and such luminary clubs as Trumpets and Shanghai Jazz Club.

Grupo Yuri was originally organized in 1996 and performed extensively through the year 2000. In 2005, Yuri decided to reform the group with its present line-up after a five year hiatus. With new material and a zest for live performance, the band has been on a mission to expand its sound and present it to diverse audiences.

The group’s musicians are:

Yuri Turchyn, violin
Al Selert, drums
Jim Grant, bass guitar
Ernie Fortunato, guitar
Beny Ramos, congas and bongos
Stacy Grant, percussion