Jacobus, De Vito & Brown

Jacobus, DeVito and Brown Trio
The Jacobus, DeVito and Brown Trio consists of Jim Jacobus (drums), Chris DeVito,(Piano), and Jeff Brown(bass), plays modern jazz with a unique energy and spirit.
Jim Jacobus has been active in the New Jersey music scene for over 45 years, both as a versatile freelance musician, and as a member of a variety of popular area bands. During the course of his career, Jim has been privileged to share the stage with numerous world-class musicians. Jim spent many years studying with and working with the late jazz drumming legend Joe Morello. In addition to Mr. Morello, he counts among his teachers the renown drummer and educator, John Riley and great local teacher, the late Carl Wolf.
Chris De Vito has been playing the piano in jazz and rock bands in clubs, churches, schools, hospitals, hotels, etc. throughout NYC and its surrounding areas since his early teens. He has been regularly studying music theory and jazz piano with a few of the New York area?s most accomplished jazz masters for many years. In the last few years, Chris has played jazz piano in various venues throughout the U.S., Europe, Asia and Latin America.
Jeff Brown plays both bass and saxophone and has been working
in jazz, rock and club date bands for more decades than he wants to admit. He graduated college with a degree in music and has been in the woodshed ever since. Besides the JCJ Jazz Trio, he is currently working with the Lifters. Serious jazz started in the mid 70?s with Tim Solook in a jazz quintet called Nebula.