Jane Stuart

New Jersey CD Release event
Celebrating her new CD “Don’t Look Back”
Jane Stuart Sextet with special guest Dave Stryker-guitar
Rave Tesar-keyboards Sue Williams-bass Rick De Kovessey-drums
Frank Elmo-sax and flute
Excerpt from liner notes by Dr. Herb Wong:
“JANE STUART is a giant relief from the endless proliferation of unproven aspiring jazz vocal hopefuls, striving to bask in the limelight occupied by jazz divas of the historical past. Jane?s uncommon, evergreen, freshness is simply a welcomed departure from the anxious crowd of attention seeking singers.From the opening track?s impact, she is a knock out, a rare treat and an absolute sensation, who grabs the whole of each tune, extracts its essence and negotiates it into a moving story of human interfaces. She instantly communicates via her seductive individualized sound and articulation of lyric. Born to sing as a ?musicians? singer?, she invites her listeners into her passion of flaming fire to toasty warmth and from purrs and whispers to shouts and wails.
Jane has been singing for a long time (since age five). Her track record as an excellent tap dancer and thespian includes her singing different styles early on.
Akin to an organic artistic jazz attitude, she is a model of personalized singing and jazz quintessence. She represents a personal brand of musical ethos. Her savoir faire and compassion are evident in the performance of each and every musical note, syllable, word and phrase in every song. She bonds the meaning of the music, the lyric and a meaningful fresh frisson performance.
Jane?s affinity for growth is illuminated via her courage as a true jazz singer, to experiment, stretching to take chances and risks, trying things out without limits, all the while communicating emotionally. The experience of singing a long time equips her to push the growth curve. Witness the gains of this CD over her prior recording ?Beginning to See the Light?.
It is pertinent Jane addresses her music to two different audiences. ?One is the jazz listener and the second is the Pop audience who may be sort of new to jazz?, Jane explains. ?I hope those new to jazz will get into some of the depth of the arrangements, the solo work and the different players. And I hope my audiences are moved by the music and its broad spectrum.?
“Jane Stuart is as complete a jazz singer as they come. With the timing of a tap dancer, the emotive responsiveness of a stage performer, a voice for the ages, and the experience to put it all together into one unified whole” All About Jazz-Dan Bilawsky