Jefferson Harman

Dream Interpretation –
Navigating The Landscape Of The Mind
A Workshop by Jefferson Harman
At some point, we all have dreams that we know are trying to tell us something. And while there are many reference books assigning meaning to the images revealed in our subconscious, those meanings come from people who do not know us or our lives, personally. In fact, everyone has their own individual view of this world and all that is contained within it. What frightens one person gives another one purpose. So how can any dream symbol have a ‘one-size-fits-all’ meaning? Join us as we learn to explore our dreamscapes from our own unique perspective. By entering our dreams as a student approaches a teacher, we open our minds and hearts to the rich landscape of the subconscious mind and access our higher self. This workshop is a must-see for the serious student as well as the cosmic traveler.
Jefferson Harman
Symbolic Intuitive
As a Symbolic Intuitive, Jefferson Harman reads the symbols present in your dreams and everyday life. By interpreting this invisible language, he identifies your blocks and challenges and ways to overcome them. Jefferson offers workshops in Symbology to teach others how to read these messages for themselves. Jefferson has been actively studying the relationships among metaphysics, psychology and anatomy for over 20 years.
Jefferson offers workshops including Overcoming Phobias, Reading Everyday Symbology, Dream Interpretation, Viking Runes and the I Ching. Jefferson also teaches workshops on these subjects, as well as Origami, the Japanese Art of Paper Folding as a tool for meditation and to promote World Peace. He teaches that what society tells us is symbolic in our dream state is a communication from the universe that is alive in our waking state as well. It is a language based on archetypes and symbols that is constant and can be learned by anyone willing to become more aware of it.
Jefferson is a member of the Holistic Mentorship Network and a regular contributor to their publication, MARCI Magazine. He is available for private readings or by appointment at Peaceful Paths in Butler, NJ.