Joe Battaglia, guitarist

Battaglia Trio with Rich Messbauer on Bass and Tom Sayek on the Drums.
Joe Battaglia born in Brooklyn New York, Joe became inspired to become a musician after graduating high school and went on to study at Berklee College of Music in Boston, Rutgers University, finally receiving a Bachelor’s Degree from William Paterson University in Jazz Studies.
Joe has been performing, recording, and teaching in the New York/New Jersey area for over twenty years and enjoys playing in diverse musical settings from theater shows to original conceptual music.
In 1982 Joe recorded his first record ?Freehand? for an independent record label featuring Ed Schuller on bass and Peter LeMaitre on drums. Joe also continued his musical relationship with Schuller and Le Maitre as part of the ?Higher Primates Orchestra? which included players such as Herb Robertson, Mac Goldsbury, Mark Reboul, Ratzo Harris, Roy Cumming, Glenn Davis, Ron Horton, and Frank Kimborough.
Other recordings as a leader are ?Tetraband? (live at Roulette) featuring Joe Battaglia on guitar,Frank Kimborough on piano, Mark Reboul on saxophone and Peter LeMaitre on drums. ?Three As One? recorded in 1998 features Ron Glick on drums and Rick Montalbano Sr. on Hammond organ. ?Of Space and Time? with Ed Schuller on bass, Glenn Davis on drums, and Mark Reboul saxophone (released 1999).
One of Joe’s recent recordings is the CD “Pastellic Reflections”, a duet recording with guitarist Terrence McManus on Flattened Planet records (released April 2006). This recording features improvised music for steel and nylon string acoustic guitars. Joe has also done a number of radio shows since 1995 for WVIA radio. George Graham radio show host, producer, and engineer has featured Joe?s music as part of WVIA?s ?Homegrown Music? series.
Show?s include Joe featured with the ?Tony Dominic Quartet?, Duet with Pianist Bob Himmelberger, Tetraband with Bob Himmelberger, Tony Marino on bass and Glenn Davis on drums. The Tetraband appeared on the show once again featuring Adam Niewood on saxophone,Glenn Davis on drums and Dan Fabricatore on bass. The ?Wayne Shorter project? and ?Jazz Special? with the Jerry Niewood Quintet featuring Bill Goodwin drums, Jerry and Adam Niewood saxophones, Joe on guitar, and Craig Kastelnic on hammond organ were also shows for WVIA radio.
Other musicians Joe has played and /or recorded with: Ben Allison, Dave Ambrosio, Andrew Bain, Dave Ballou, Kenny Barron, Nick Bayak, Matt Brewer, Greg Bufford, Ron Burton, George Caldwell, Richie Cole, Roy Cumming, Vinnie Cutro, Glenn Davis, Melvin Davis, Bob Devoe, Bill Mooring, John Dooley, Ted Dunbar, Dan Fabricatore, Mike Fahn, Ken Filliano, Gene Ghee, Steve Gilmore, Ron Glick, Michelle Glick, Mac Goldsbury, Bill Goodwin, Larry Harlow, Rodney Harper, Ratzo Harris, John Hart, Freddie Hendrix, Ron Horton, Darrel Ivey, Steve Johns, Victor Jones, Leo Johnson, Vic Juris, Craig Kastelnic, Clifton Kellum, Frank Kimborough, Eric Kloss, Masa Kumagachi, Sipho Kunene, Bruce Cox, Harry Leahey, Peter LeMaitre, Connie Lester,Frank Lillie, Jack MacDuff, Peter Maddson, Tony Marino, Gary Mazzeroppi, Scott McClemore, Mike Mellillo, Terrence McManus, Rich Messbauer, Grachan Moncur III, Bill Moring, Rick Montalbano Sr., Steve Nelson, Adam Niewood, Jerry Niewood, Taro Okamoto, Alfred Paterson, Dr. Guy Ramsey, Mark Reboul, Herbie Robinson, Cornel Rochester, Dave Ruffles, Jerome Sabbagh, Tom Sayek, Ed Schuller, Hugh Cicotte, Peggy Stern, Pat Tandy, Lucky Thompson, Oliver VanEssan, Steve Varner, Adrian Velosian, Barbara Walker, Buddy Williams, Don Williams, Jeff Williams, and Reuben Wilson.
Joe has played New York Jazz clubs such as “The Blue Note”, “Sweet Basils”(now Sweet Rythms), “Knitting Factory”, “Zinc Bar”, “Tonic”, “Smoke” etc.
Joe can also bee seen as a sideman backing up singers on the New York cabaret circuit in clubs such as ?The Supper Club?, The Algonquin Hotel?s ?Oak Room?, ?Don?t Tell Mama? and ?Danny?s Starlight?. Joe has also worked with singers/actors/dancers Petula Clark, B.J. Crosby, Ernestine Jackson, Sam Kaufman, Janice Lorraine, Branice McKenzie, Vivian Reed, C.E. Smith, Glenn Turner, Debra Walton and ?Tony Award? winners Gretha Boston and Anne Duquesnay.
For the Past several years Joe has been guitarist on many productions for the musical ?Cookin? at the Cookery?, Written and directed by Marion Caffey. This play brilliantly depicts the life and music of jazz singer Alberta Hunter. Music by arranger/pianist Danny Holgate. Joe has recently played guitar for the ?Ray Charles? musical review ?I Can?t Stop Loving You?, Joe has worked under the musical direction of George Caldwell, Danny Holgate, Darrel Ivey, Eric Lilly, Bill McDaniels, Ron Metcalf and Dave Thompson.
Joe likes working in a Trio setting with bass and drums, or organ and drums as well as backing up horn players.
Joe also can be seen with the Philadelphia based band “Musicqology”, lead by DR. Guthrie Ramsey