Joe Politi & Vinnie LaBarbera

Joe Politi grew up in an environment that nurtured a love for music. At the tender age of three, he began to sing the songs of Frank Sinatra and The Beatles. His father, Frank, bought him a new Selmer Mark VI saxophone and started taking him for weekly lesson .when he was seven. A natural talent, Joe?s passion for music continued to grow, and he began to play professionally while still in high school.
During his teenage years, Joe sang and played sax in a band called The World?s Finest. In 1977, he formed his own group called Pizzaz. The band played thousands of engagements over the next ten years and recorded their only studio single, also entitled Pizzaz.
Joe?s diversified musical career has encompassed singing on the TV soap opera, One Life to Live, to performing at charitable galas with the Sonny Mange Orchestra in Miami, Florida and playing at venues throughout New York. Now, strictly focusing on his vocal skills, with an emphasis on the man called ?Sinatra?, Joe Polii is a one man show. He captures Sinatra?s style and finesse through his rich tones, impeccable pitch, masterful phrasing and smooth delivery . A dynamic performer, Joe readily engages his audience with a repertoire from the Great American Songbook that ranges from romantic ballads to swinging jazz standards. Joe performs regularly at restaurants and clubs in the New York Metropolitan Area.
Vinny La Barbera, impressionist and comedian, born and raised in New York City, has been involved in the entertainment field since he was a child. He first appeared on stage at the age of five and became interested in performing impressions of popular TV and movie personalities when he was ten years old, performing for friends in school, hallways–wherever he found a willing listener. He was especially inspired by singers and enjoyed performing impressions of Johnny Ray, Dean Martin, Frankie Laine, the 4 Aces, Lou Monte, the Ink Spots, the Mills Brothers and Lena Horne. Vinny made his professional debut as an impressionist and singer at the age of twelve, impersonating singer Johnny Ray at the Statler-Hilton in New York. He was offered a record contract immediately following his performance, but his parents refused to even consider the possibility of having him leave school to work in show business. Nonetheless, Vinny continued to perform impressions of famous personalities informally for friends and family, and eventually brought his act to small clubs in the metropolitan area. The enthusiastic response of his audience encouraged him to develop more impressions, taking his material from popular actors and singers, including Dean Martin, Jerry Lewis, Paul Lynde, Louis Prima, Elvis Presley, Billie Holiday, Connie Francis, Lou Monte, Tiny Tim, Howard Cosell, Arthur Godrey, Marlon Brando, Sylvestor Stallone, and Tony Bennett.
He began to work at comedy clubs in New York City during the Seventies and headlined at the ?Grand Finale? in 1977-1978 and has continued to entertain at private events and business and holiday functions for the past thirty years. Vinny?s ability to honestly depict familiar people and places with a fast, rhythmic, spontaneous delivery delights his audiences. He cites world-renowned comedian/ actor Pat Cooper, a mentor and dear friend, as having an important influence on his work.