Joey Di Francesco (organ)

Joey DeFrancesco is considered by many an astonishing natural talent. He has blistering speed, complete control of the organ at all times and a tremendous ear for harmonics. His repertoire runs the gamut from straight-ahead jazz to blues, gospel and rock. He claims that because of his father, he heard the music in the womb and when old enough to know, he knew the organ was his instrument.Joey

DeFrancesco has been credited with the resurgence of the Hammond B-3 organ in jazz. He is also credited with a resurgence of young people wanting to learn to play jazz.

Many of the jazz organ greats spent good portions of their later careers playing piano or synthesizers in the 70s and 80s when demand for the B-3 dried up due to change in musical taste. Many jazz critics agree DeFrancesco paved the way for many of his mentors to dust off their Hammonds and get back on stage.