John DiStefano

John came from a musical family where he began to gain ?jam experience? with his Dad who played jazz fiddle and brothers Jim (guitar) and Al (alto sax and flute). After graduating high school, John toured Europe with the Concordia Youth Chorale then returned to Boston to study arranging and composition at Berklee College of Music. In the 1970?s, John left Massachusetts for New York City where he played at the Carlisle, Waldorf Astoria, Jilly?s and in small jazz clubs in the Village. John began to expand his music experience by touring with the Joeffrey Ballet (he will tell you ?I really can?t dance?!); he did some recording in Nashville Tennesee; and was also involved in several ?rock? recording projects. Because of his eclectic experiences, the music John plays and composes spans from pieces with a ?childlike simplicity? to funky contemporary tunes to jazz standards. He will tell you ?I?m more focused on playing jazz and honing my improvisational skills. It takes a lot of work and I?m working at it.?