John Ehlis

Combining Jazz sensibilities with several World Music traditions, guitarist and multi-instrumentalist John Ehlis assembles a group of spirited and captivating musicians. With compelling and inventive
original compositions, dynamic interplay and inspired improvisation, the John Ehlis Ensemble takes off on a musical journey which is never the same twice. Featuring the unique voice of each player, his groups leave a remarkable impression. John Ehlis (guitar), Mikko Innanen (saxophones), Rob Henke (trumpet), Matt McDonald (guitar), Bill Moring (bass) and Benny Koonyevsky (drums). JOHN EHLIS BIO Drawn to traditional and folk music from around the world Ehlis has performed throughout the United States, with musicians and artists ranging from the avante-garde jazz of John Tchicai, Oliver Lake, Karl Berger, Joseph Jarman, Perry Robinson and Francis Wong (Asian Improv Arts), to Marie Afonso (Zap Mama), the instrument maker Ken Butler,
Joe Craven (David Grisman’s Group), classical guitarist Philip Hii,
Slovakian poet Gabriel Ariel Levicky, Russian painter Andrey
Tamarchenko, dancer Charmaine Warren, Basque musicians Tapia and
Leturria, Ghanian musician Zorkie Nelson and Pakistani singer Fawzia
Afzal Khan.