Joseph Jarman

We will celebrate Joseph Jarman’s 74th Birthday at Trumpets Jazz Club this Wednesday, September 14th, 2011 with two sets of music spanning his career starting at 7:30pm.
With over 20 musicians participating, this is a rare opportunity to
hear his music performed in the area. This promises to be an
exciting evening of creative music, including an appearance by Jarman and surprise guests.
Saxophonist and woodwinds master Joseph Jarman is undeniable spirit.
An early member of the AACM, (Association for the Advancement of
Creative Musicians), he is an original member of The Art Ensemble of
Chicago, one of the most influential groups of the free movement.
Ordained as a Shinshu Buddhist Priest in 1990, he is also a deep
spiritual practitioner which led to the formation of the Jikishinkan
Dojo in Brooklyn. At the Dojo, Jarman shared leadership of the
Lifetime Visions Orchestra with pianist Chris Chalfant applying the
principles of Aikido and Buddhism into the musical improvisation
process. Members of Lifetime Visions Orchestra will present works
from his time at the Jikishinkan Dojo.
Thomas Buckner (voice)
Thulani Davis (voice)
Rita Warford (voice)
Michael Braudy (violin)
Michel Gentile (flute)
Pam Flemming (trumpet)
Rob Henke (trumpet)
Jessica Jones (tenor sax)
Mike Lee (tenor sax)
Chris Chalfant (piano & voice)
Daniel Kelly (piano)
Diane Moser (piano)
John Ehlis (guitar)
Matt McDonald (guitar)
Pedro Rodr