Laszlo Gardony

?The trio is always on the same page emotionally, mentally and physically through the musical paragraphs ? Gardony incorporates music from different cultures in his compositions and the result is a splendid melting pot that displays harmonious expressions with gentle sonic compressors.? ? Susan Frances JAZZREVIEW.COM
“Armed with a piano style that encompasses Bill Evans”s elegance, Herbie Hancock’s drive and Keith Jarrett’s passion, Gardony’s music, like the title track he composed, creates a meditative state conducive to the attainment of man’s most enduring and timeless aspirations.”
?Eugene Holley Jr. (Village Voice / New York Times reviewer)
Recommended by Village Voice Jazz Consumer Guide: A (Highest Rating) ?Francis Davis, VILLAGE VOICE
?A consistently inventive player who combines an ear for melody with a strong rhythmic sense that grabs the attention of even those who normally resistant to jazz.? ?Larry Katz, BOSTON HERALD
?The vision in his versions indicates how far he has come in mastering jazz?s major challenge, the transformation of the tradition through personal expression.? ?Bob Blumenthal, BOSTON GLOBE
“Gardony serves notice that he has arrived ? not only as an original voice who has fully integrated his disparate influences, but as a player who spans the conservatory and the gutbucket without a hint of strain”. ?Kevin Convey, BOSTON HERALD
?Immensely gifted Hungarian-born pianist…a classicist with a darkly romantic streak…this music somehow insinuates itself into the listener?s psyche.? ?Gene Kalbacher, HOT HOUSE
CD release concert for “Dig Deep” (Sunnyside).

Laszlo Gardony – piano Yoron Israel – drums Ron Mahdi – bass