Listening to Machan’s latest CD, Motion of Love, is like tasting a  fine Swiss chocolate filled with a sweet richness that makes you feel  just a little guilty.”
– M.R.Smith/Roll Magazine 
Once every few years a singer emerges whose voice is so uniquely  different and of such high quality that you immediately embrace the  music…I hope the tracks from this album get the airplay they richly  deserve.”
– Joe Montague/Riveting Riffs/Jazz Police
“Machan’s Motion of Love, is full of the type of subtleties that  opened my ear as a jazz and exotica fan…Ah, and then there’s  Machan’s voice…that gorgeous timbre…wrapping itself around the  lyrics…It’s no accident that Machan has worked with the likes of  Pink Floyd, George Benson, Sting…”
– Mark Saleski/Blog Critics
“Machan’s music is beautiful, armed with a velvet voice and skills on  the guitar; this multi-talented artist delivers a phenomenal  performance on Motion of Love. I think this is an album that will  climb the charts quickly.” 
 Edward Blanco/
“Motion of Love is an album with both a pop and a Brazilian vibe,  where the breeze of bossa novas and the sound of nylon string guitars  are combined with pop and rock melodies with catchy arrangements.” 
– Modern Guitarist
“Machan’s Motion of Love is filled with pop-like jazz tunes from an  artist who has a broad background in the musical arts…is a record  of gentle melodies that will stroke the souls of it’s listeners.” 
– Sari N.Kent/The Celebrity Cafe
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