Michael Mohammed

The Mike Mo TRIO
The mission of this band is to explore Jazz and it’s derivative genres. Along with separately exploring these different genres, we have decided to fuse, via arranging, more mainstream popular songs with Jazz and vice versa. This band brings more than just talent and raw musicianship to the stage. They play with selflessness and strive to compliment each member?s unique sound.
Michael Mohamed, drummer, bandleader and composer, is a recent graduate Jazz Performance Major at The Oberlin Conservatory, where he studied with jazz drum legend, Billy Hart. Michael Mohamed has shared the stage with Nicholas Payton, Freddie Hendrix, Radam Schwartz, and Gerri Allen. He is pursuing his masters at Rutgers Mason Gross Graduate program where he will continue his study in Jazz Performance/Composing. Michael Mohamed is also very involved in his community, where he is implementing a volunteer program that would serve as an outreach program for youth in urban areas that concentrates on the education of music performance. Also, Michael is in currently working on his first album-recording project.
Michael King, pianist, is currently studying with Daniel Wall and he is entering his senior year at Oberlin. Michael brings more than harmony; he takes the music in directions one never expected. His sound exudes beauty and a plethora of characteristics.
Jacob Webb, bassist, attended William Paterson University for Jazz performance. Jacob makes every note swing harder and harder until you can’t help but dance. He is truly a bassist that propels the music all the while still staying true to the rhythmic foundation of every song. This will be one of those bands that start out in college and end up on the cover of Downbeat or on the Blue Note stage in NY. The Mike Mo Trio prefers not to label their genre or style of music they play. They prefer to just to call it ?Music?, considering that by the end of the night you will have heard a multitude of genres. The band stays as honest as possible to the music and, because of each band member?s background, they bring sounds and art forms ranging from Jazz, Gospel, R&B, Funk, Reggae, and even European Classical to their music.