Montclair Arts Council Electronic Promotion Workshop for Musicians

The Montclair Arts Council?s (MAC) Music Network will hold its first fall professional development workshop on Electronic Media for Musicians at Trumpets Monday, September 21 from 7-10 p.m. The workshop will provide information on how to create and develop electronic newsletters, distribute press releases, create Facebook pages and use other forms of electronic media.
Jim Peskin, Executive Director of the (MAC) and Veronique Ramsey, MAC?s Communications Director will share their expertise on electronic newsletters and social media. Kristine Massari, owner of Trumpets, will show how to include work on special music sites such as Andy McDonough the founder of, a new interactive internet project that supports jazz performances and events around New Jersey. The project includes a community-driven website where musicians can post their ‘gigs’, while venues and arts organizations can use it to announce other jazz-centric activities.
This is the first of two workshops on electronic media for musicians. The second workshop will be later in this fall.
The founder, Andy McDonough, a freelance writer, musician and technical consultant from Middletown, NJ, commented ?being both a musician and a consultant put me in a unique position to find new ways to promote the arts. When I noticed the sparse audiences for jazz events and the dedication of the players and venues, I knew interactive support on the internet could help.? While his background in technology was instrumental in the creation and running of the site, being a musician, , helped him to understand the other side: the issues that surround the success (or failure) of music in public venues, and the benefits that better marketing could bring.
Jim Peskin, Director Montclair Arts Council
Partial support of the program comes from the Essex County Division of Cultural & Historic Affairs.