Montclaire Jazz Collective

Marcelino Feliciano & Montclair Jazz Collective
We are still a very young group with a lot of room to grow and develop. Our purpose is to explore, incorporate and interpret the music of different genres (rock, pop, etc?) into the Jazz idiom. We are a collective of jazz musicians of various back rounds and generations; with an interest of performing the music we grew up listening to and love. For this project we are featuring the music of The Jimi Hendrix Experience and their highly regarded album Electric Ladyland. All of the arrangement were completed by our gifted guitarist Pedro Rodriguez. In some cases we reinterpret the music in various meters or tempos, while throughout others we stick to the form and add some re-harmonization for what we hope is something a little different. Obviously, this record was a very seminal and ground breaking recording so we are respecting the music while exuding the spirit of Jimi Hendrix?s band.
Marcelino Feliciano- Vocals/Trumpet
Pedro Rodriguez – Guitar
Luis Robinson – Drums
Jacob Webb – Bass