Roseanna Vitro

The August DownBeat gives 4 1/2 Stars to Roseanna Vitro and The Music of Randy Newman – Motema Music debut
Newman is a wry observer of American life. The simplicity with which he tells stories –stating little and implicating more –marks him as a practicing master of musical Americana. Singer Roseanna Vitro has her way with ten Newman originals, from his Warner Brothers period to the present. She’s a passionate, expressive singer whose emotional streak never overrides her musicality. Nor do her musical flights interfere with the story of a song. She’s very effective on ballads and laments: her poignancy on Everytime It Rains and the haunting “In Germany Before the War”: are near heartbreaking. Vitro’s also a swinger and she expertly romps on a ripping “Last Night”.. Pianist Mark Soskin, away from his Sonny Rollins’ sideman role, accompanies effectively throughout, and Sara Caswell’s emotionally charged violin provides a sympathetic foil for Vitro. This album is awfully good. –Kirk Silsbee?
The Randy Newman Project features the brilliant compositions of Randy Newman, re-imagined through the arrangements of pianist Mark Soskin. The music marries elements of jazz, blues, folk and country ? a rich stew of influences illuminating Newman?s Americana. This group brings a high level of musicianship, improvisation and creativity to Newman?s inspired narratives – all defined and shaped by the vocal poignancy of Roseanna Vitro, a storyteller of great renown. Stellar violinist: Zach Brock will be featured at Trumpets for July 9th – an emerging talent winning accolades – adds luster and musicality to the group sound. Rounding out the ensemble, bassist Dean Johnson and drummer Tim Horner.
Roseanna Vitro is a soulful and creative storyteller with the power to captivate audiences or stimulate the minds of aspiring young artists. In concerts, or leading workshops, she breathes life and conviction into ” The Randy Newman Project.”
Concurrent with Roseanna’s recording successes (12 critically acclaimed cds) is her acclaim as a master clinician and educator. She has toured extensively as a U.S. Jazz Ambassador (2004 & 2009), performing and leading workshops the world over, recently in South America (Chile, Uruguay, Colombia, Paraguay, Brasil, The Balkans, Bulgaria, Cypress, New Zealand, South Africa, The U.K., Slovenia, Turkey, and the USA. Check out her video with tenor giant Joe Lovano: Roseanna sings the blues: