Susie Meissner

Susie sings and swings with a lush tone and playful rhythm stemming from her innate musicality. In her youth, she began to explore the world of jazz through the recordings of Nancy Wilson, Joe Williams, Ella Fitzgerald, and Billie Holiday In her late teens, she took the bus to the Statler-Hilton in downtown Buffalo to hear jazz greats such as Earl “Fatha” Hines and Kenny Burrell. These sessions inspired her to continue voice lessons and perform in local venues. Susie began performing professionally with a dinner theatre group in the mid-1970s (earning $7 a night!). Exposed to the creativity of Cole Porter, Irving Berlin, and Rogers and Hart, Susie became smitten with the words and music of their compositions.

She now performs as a duo and with a quartet in the Philadelphia area clubs and cabarets. Susie’s warm and effortless articulation puts an intimate spin on her jazz repertoire.

What The Press Is Saying About Susie Meissner I’ll Remember April

?Two June releases show there is a place for the tried and true: Susie Meissner partnered with trumpeter Brian Lynch on her CD I?ll Remember April, a more conventional treatment of standards that shows off Meissner?s warm alto at its swinging fullest. And Karrin Allyson?? Suzanne Lorge, ALL ABOUT JAZZ-NEW YORK, VOXNEWS, July 2009
?Singer?s Singer: With a perfect assist from trumpeter Brian Lynch leading a stellar sextet, Susie Sounds wonderful. Her pure straight-ahead singing will have you satisfied throughout her programme of 13 standards. ?Never Let Me Go? is sung as solid as I have ever heard it. Its prayer like rendition is most unique. There are a pair of Antonio Carlos Jobim songs that are just divine: ?Dreamer? (Lees) magically and romantically creates a most mellow amorous mood. On ?Meditation? (Gimbel) Ms.Meissner adds charm and grace unheard of till now. The pair of Johnny Mercer songs are wonderful: ?I Remember You? (Schertzinger) and ?I?m Old Fashioned (Kern) both contain a gentle light swing from start to finish. They are certain to please you. Irving Berlin is represented with a pair of his grandest songs: ?How deep is the Ocean? and ?They Say Its Wonderful.? On the first song Susie dramatically whisks and moves the song along to a proper justified conclusion. The second song is sung as a romantic ballad. It?s quietly sung just once but the message remains. The title song (DePaul/Ray/Johnston) makes me add: I?ll also remember Susie Meissner.? Dan Singer; In Tune International Magazine, July 2009
??she brings forth a voice that shows experience and charm. In other words, she puts herself into the music where it doesn?t sound like Campbell?s soup looks: boring and expected. In versions of ?I?ll Remember April?, ?I Remember You?, and a great rendition of Irving Berlin?s ?How Deep Is The Ocean? you hear hope, loss, fear, and elegance in her voice, which either comes perhaps from personal experiences or believing in the power of these songs. I think from this point on, people will hold April to their hearts but will go out of their way to remember Susie.? Michael Book, This is Book?s Music July 2009
?Meissner has a strong alto voice that fits nicely around the 13 songs on her program. She has fine backup from trumpeter Brian Lynch, alto saxophonist Dave Mann, pianist John Shaddy, bassist Rob Williams and drummer Abe Speller. Meissner, who has been singing professionally since the mid?-70s has a nice jazz/swing feeling to her interpretations of standards like ?Never Let Me Go,? ?I?m Old Fashioned,? ?There?s a Small Hotel,? ?I Remember You,? and ?They Say its Wonderful.? Her two excursions into the world of bossa nova, ?Dreamer? and ?Meditation,? are well done, capturing the essence of these seductive melodies. It is always fun to become aware of another New Jersey-based performer who produces good sounds.? Jersey Jazz, Journal of the New Jersey Jazz Society, July/August 2009
?There is nothing more satisfying than listening to a warm, rich voice captured in its splendor. Susie delivers and can easily be appreciated on the opening phrases of “Never Let Me Go”. She chooses strong complements including pianist John Shaddy, David Mann (as), Greg Riley (ts) and special guest Brian Lynch (t). The brass stands out on several tracks shadowing Meissner or taking on the melody alone. That formula works well on these thirteen tried and true standards. Highlights are “Meditation”, “How Deep Is The Ocean” and “Little Girl Blue”. You can enjoy this one over and over again.? D.Oscar Groomes, O?s Place Jazz Newsletter, July 2009
?Ms. Meissner is a sweetly, straight-ahead alto – and a perfect fit for this group of straight-ahead standards. She?s doing more than singing notes – she?s a fine interpreter of the lyrics as well – making sure the story of the song is told. She?s at her best with the ballads – the Rodgers-Hart classic ?Little Girl Blue? was the standout track for me, and features a fine solo by Grammy-winning trumpeter Brian Lynch.? Girl Singers; ? DW Boynton, May 2009
“Philly vocalist by way of Buffalo swings the classics for anyone who remembers how much fun swinging, jazz vocalists were. Not in the tradition, but of the moment, Meissner is no dilettante and delivers the goods.” Midwest Record, Chris Spector, May 2009