Thierry Arpino

His ability to play any style of music from traditional jazz, fusion, world beat, African rhythms, Latin, rock and even techno makes him one of today?s most versatile drummers. And he does it really well – with passion, fire, grace and sensitivity to the music around him. Thierry describes his
drumming style as “soft, loud, very fast or very slow, the
thing is I want to play deeply. I love strength, force,intensity?I watch and try to feel as many things as I can.To listen and to hear, to me are different things. Being able to see and to look are different things. It?s true for
everything around us. I can feel and I transcend. I get inspired by the musicians around me and more… the colors, people vibes, humidity, lights everything. I like all styles, I play the styles with my own touch, my ideas, I guess!? Born in Paris, Thierry was introduced to the drums at age 3 by his father, Andr