Trumpets’ Music Marathon from 06/14 through 06/20

Trumpets? Music Marathon:
Sun., June 14-Sat., June 20
Music charge $10 Weekdays,
$20 Weekends,
$40Weekly pass
Weekday minimum: $ 5
Weekend minimum: $12
Music Marathon at Trumpets Jazz Club
Marathon hotline for reservations, passes and info: 973-486-0822
Pre-Marathon event-Jam session and food tasting: Thurs., June 11th
Trumpets Jazz Club announces a Music Marathon which will take place at Trumpets, 6 Depot Square, Montclair, NJ from Sunday, June 14th through Saturday June 20th, featuring celebrated musicians including Houston Person, Dave Samuels, Claudio Roditi and Dave Stryker. Trumpets will feature non-stop music with several different groups performing each evening. In spite of Trumpets? tradition as a Jazz Club, the Music Marathon will be a celebration of music-at-large and will feature many different types of music ranging from singer-songwriters, Blues and Jazz to World Music. On Thursday, June 11th, Trumpets invites everyone to a pre-marathon kick-off with a jam session and food tasting at 7 p.m.for $10 pp
In this time of financial crisis in which many people have cut back on spending, entertainment is considered an unaffordable luxury. There are activities that people still do: they go to the movies, they dine in their favorite restaurants, and drop by their local pub to have a beer. It is still less expensive than going on vacation
For some reason paying a cover charge of $10 or $15 to attend a musical event sounds like too much money for an evening out and is perceived by many as something that should be done only once a year or on special occasions. And yet, most people will not think twice about spending the same amount of money to go to the movies at least once a week.
It is, however, precisely during difficult times like this that we need music and the Arts to soothe our souls. The Music Marathon has been conceived to encourage people to attend live musical events at an affordable price– less than parking your car in a garage in NYC!
We will also present our summer menu which includes chicken, vegetable and steak kebabs, spaghetti al limone, spaghetti estivi
(spaghetti with diced fresh tomatoes, olive oil and basil), Mediterranean fish and vegetable specials, insalata caprese (tomatoes, mozzarella and basil), cold antipasto and lots of homemade desserts.
Come to the complimentary tasting and Jam Session on Thursday, June 11th at 7 p.m to kick off the Music Marathon! Make your reservation today!

Music Marathon Schedule
Sun.-Thurs. events begin at 7 p.m.
Friday and Saturday at 8:00 p.m

Thursday, June 11 Trumpets Jam Session & Free Tasting of new dishes on Summer Menu $10
Sunday, June 14 11:30 a.m.-2:30 p.m. John DiStefano (piano) Buffet Brunch $20
World Music Night-Brazilian, Argentine tango/jazz fusion
Yashmin Charnette & Paul Abler, Alas, Lenny Argese, Jake Herzog $15

Monday, June 15 Singer-Songwriters Night- hosted by guitarist/vocalist Jazzy Jan Loe $10

Tuesday, June 16 Blues with Black Lace Blues; guitarist Dave Stryker, vocalist Kate Baker $10

Wednesday, June 17 Arranged Music-Eric Storckman and more! $10

Thursdays, June 18 Organ Madness with Radam Shwartz, Rop Paparozzi, Mel Davis and Ed Alstrom $15

Friday, June 19 Sax Night with Houston Person, TK Blue ? $20

Saturday, June 20 Dave Samuels, Bob Devos, Enrico Granafei ? $20
Other guests include: Sheila Anderson, Hendrick Meurkens, Claudio Roditi, Paul Meyers, Takashi Otsuka, John DiStefano, Gordon Lane,  Sheila Earley, Michaele, Kristine Massari, Carrie Jackson, Gil ?Bop? Benson and more?
Sponsors include: PNC Bank, OSPAC, Hot House magazine

Special marathon price:
$40 pass for all evenings (includes weeknights and weekends)
$20 for children 12 and under