Vic Cenicola

Vic Cenicola has been rewarding others with his distinctive and intoxicating sounds for over forty years. A master jazz guitarist, Vic has performed with some of the world?s greatest jazz musicians, including, Stan Getz, Joe Morello, Claudio Roditi and Gloria Lynn to name a few. He has toured the country with the famous Guy Lombardo Orchestra and with the Les Elgart Band.

In New Jersey, Vic Cenicola?s name is synonymous with jazz guitar. Since the late 1950?s he has appeared in nearly every major jazz club, lounge and restaurant in New York and New Jersey. These include the famous Blue Note in New York, Gullivar?s, Shanghai Jazz and Trumpets Jazz Club in Montclair. Vic has also performed in many jazz concerts at major colleges and Universities in New Jersey.

Vic Cenicola is renowned as one on the most sought-after guitar teachers in the New Jersey, New York metropolitan area. He can be heard on the Greenlite Record Label as well as on recordings of many other well-known artists.