Joe Morello

The person who inspired one of the best selling jazz records of all time is drummer, Joe Morello. His collaboration with Paul Desmond prompted the alto saxophonist to write Take Five, a tune in 5/4-time for the Time Out LP on Columbia Records is 1959. Both men were members of the popular Dave Brubeck Quartet, a group of which experimented with tunes in peculiar time signatures. Their cool-toned sounds and catchy style of jazz was enormously popular among young people, particularly that of college students in the early 1960s.

Joe Morello had gained a reputation as a highly skilled drummer with exceptional touch and sensitivity. He worked with such legendary jazz artists as guitarist, Johnny Smith in 1952-3 after which he joined Stan Kenton?s Orchestra for a short period of time before becoming a member of the popular Marion McPartland Trio.

In 1956, Joe joined The Dave Brubeck Quartet and the group went on to make jazz history. The group toured the world playing before record-breaking audiences. The Dave Brubeck Quartet was in great demand to play at College concert dates. The demand for college dates by a jazz group has never been equaled by any other jazz combo.

Joe, whose masterful skills had him in great demand by other musicians for studio work. He has recorded with such jazz notables as Howard McGhee, Phil Woods, Gil Melle, Helen Merrill as well as many others. He was highly sought after for his musicality, whether in a small group setting or with a big band. His career as a performer and recording artist is among the best of any drummer of his era.

Joe Morello, a long time resident of New Jersey remains active performing and teaching. He is one of the most highly sought after drum instructors in the world. His Master Studies have produced generations of exceptional musicians.