Timothy Hayward Octet Project

Timothy Hayward Octet Project – MSU and WPU Jazz Ensembles
“Jazz Suite For Alto Sax”: A premiere of Timothy Hayward’s newly published piece Timothy Hayward (as), Mike Mullan (ts), Rob Henke (tp), Bob Ferrel (tb), Joey Verderese (tb), Michael Cochrane (pn), Calvin Hill (bs), Steve Johns (dr)
This piece for Octet ? 5 horns and rhythm section ? reflects Timothy Hayward?s dual attachments: this young Franco-American composer infuses his Octet with both Jazz and Classical influences, and, within its rigorous compositional elements, leaves great space for improvisation. The Octet is in 7 movements each movement characterised by its own specific mood. The alto saxophone is lead soloist, but each instrument is well represented and given room for expression. The piece will be published by Delatour-France in February 2012. Timothy Hayward put together
Montclair State University Jazz Ensemble at 7:30pm
William Paterson University Jazz Ensemble at 8:20pm
“Jazz Suite For Alto Sax” at 9:15pm