Zen Zadravec

Zen Zadravec, Jazz pianist and saxophonist, is a musical chameleon.  Whether it is Jazz, R&B, Funk, Rock, or Pop, he plays each with a freshness and confidence rarely found in someone so young. Born in Winnipeg, Canada in 1974, Zadravec studied classical piano from the age of five. At eleven he began the saxophone and the flute. Hearing Miles Davis transformed his life and influenced his decision to become a Jazz musician.


In 1992, Zadravec attended York University’s Jazz Program (Toronto, Canada) and in 1997 he graduated with a Bachelors in Fine Arts. During his time at York he was also the recipient of two Oscar Peterson Awards for excellence as a Jazz pianist. In 2000, he earned a Masters Degree in Jazz Performance at Rutgers University. Zadravec also has studied with some of the biggest names in Jazz such as: Kenny Barron, Don Thompson, John Gittens, Vic Juris, Ted Dunbar and Ralph Bowen.Versatile, creative, energetic, and dynamic, Zen is constantly experimenting and refining his sound and musical conception through concerts, recordings and education.   A natural innovator and leader, he runs three of his own bands: the Zen Zadravec Quartet (straight ahead Jazz), Human Revolution (Jazz Fusion), and Ritmo Y Corazon-Rhythm of the Heart (Latin/Cuban Jazz). Zadravec is also  very much in demand as a side man in straight ahead Jazz, Fusion, and Funk and has performed or recorded with: Kenny Davis, Steve Turre, Ralph Bowen, Derrick Gardner, Sean Jones, Conrad Herwig, Freddie Hendrix,Don Thompson, Barry Elmes, Mike Murley,  Lorne Lofsky, Charles Fambrough, Valery Ponomarev, Dave Watson, Darryl Dixon, Gloria Gaynor, among many others. Zen recently performed on the WHOOPI GOLDBERG radioshow  on WKTU New York, (November 2007), and THE TODAY SHOW on NBC with Kathie-Lee Gifford hosting, (April 2008).Zadravec’s current projects include his Jazz quartet, his Fusion group Human Revolution, Kevin ?Bujo? Jones with TENTH WORLD, and the power-house Funk/Jazz/Soul group-?CHOPS? The Band. Along with creating scores for Television and Film, Zadravec continues to pursue the path of the performer, the composer, sideman, and the ARTIST.


Zadravec’s Jazz groups also pursue a busy concert schedule with dates in the United States, Canada, Europe, India, and Japan.


For more information or to book shows, please contact: Zadravec Entertainment                                                                                          Tel: 732-543-1756